Absolute Affirmation

'Absolute Affirmation'
Curated by C-print at GELB - August 16 through September 8

A curator in response to my identity-politics-themed works: "You really can't make work like this, I mean once Kara Walker had done it, nobody else can touch these themes" - Narcissister.

The exhibition sees the artists extending personal reflections on universal matters that relate to borders, displacement/migration and social biases. The works inform in the midst the construction of expat colonies overseas, silent norms underpinned by cultural and aesthetical standards that dictate the conditions of entering and habituating certain rooms, the resurfacing and upsurge of patriarchial orders and imperatives towards women and the malaise of eternal waiting by way of official/social agencies for pivotal moments to arise that never seem to do.

Artists: Jesper Nordahl, Slobodan Zivic, Sahar Tavasolian, Salad Hilowle, Ulrika Gunnarsdotter, Agnieszka Abramowicz and Oktawian Bohdziewicz.


Title. Validate Me (2019) Image taken from artist Slobodan Zivic’s expired passport from former land of Yugoslavia. Before the civil war Zivic had dual citizenships - Swedish and Yugoslavian. Sound: Swedish national anthem (Du gamla, du fria) mashed up with Yugoslavian national anthem (Hej, Sloveni).


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