Combining the work of conceptual visual artist Slobodan Zivic with that of drawing artist Love Dahlstedt may seem an unusual choice, considering their respective output. Zivic is known for his unrestricted work that blurs the lines between commercial pieces and pure art projects. Slobodan’s creative endeavours include directing music videos, creating art installations and designing logotypes. Dahlstedt’s background is less commercial and more traditional, even though his art screams more punk rock than Renoir. An alumnus of the prestigious Swedish art schools Konstfack and the Royal Institute of Art, Dahlstedt has the background of a classically trained illustrator. The two long-time friends ended up making print serie out of Dahlstedt’s homemade tattoos. /The Forumist

Print series (50x70cm) collaboration with artist Love Dahlstedt (2017).


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