Expected Growth

Xpected Growth
Slobodan Zivic’s metallic two-piece work is his comment about systematic economic increase. Manipulation, control and marginalization to achieve growth by any means necessary. Oppressive mistreatment and exploitation of a group of individuals within the economic sector but also in other social forms. Many groups who possess privilege over gender, race or sexuality, for instance, are unaware of the power that their privilege holds. Oppressive structures persists because most individuals fail to recognize it; that is, discrimination is often invisible to those who are not in the midst of it. Privilege refers to a sociopolitical immunity one group has over others derived from particular societal benefits. These inequalities further perpetuate themselves because the oppressed rarely have access to resources which would allow them to escape mistreatment. The situation leads to internalized oppression, where subordinate groups essentially give up the fight so as to gain access to ‘equality’ – accepting their fate as the non-dominant group.


Untitled. 80x110cm


Untitled. 80x110cm

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